Bringing the state-of-the-art products in diagnostic and treatment for Vietnamese patients has always been our vision and mission in the growing journey of RV Group. In order to update new scientific studies and treatment approaches, we accompanied with top hepatologist in Vietnam attended The Liver Meeting (2023) held from 10th to 14th November at Boston, Massachusetts.

AASLD 2023 program this year was had engaging workshops and thought-provoking symposiums on various topics, including liver cancer, steatotic liver disorders, liver transplantation, and viral hepatitis.

Innovations in HCV treatment was emphasized during the conference. It featured groundbreaking discoveries in treating HCV, showcasing advanced approaches that promised to reshape the landscape of HCV therapy.  Also, AASLD 2023 offered a platform to investigate state-of-the-art advancements in HBV management. Discussions centered around new antiviral agents, immunotherapies, and potential curative interventions, offering hope for a paradigm shift in HBV treatment. Another topic of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) is also discussed during the conference.

This year, RV Group accompanied with top KOLs in hepatitis segment to this outstanding conference to update new treatment approaches as well as scientific research for improving hepatitis treatment in Vietnam. The main topic of discussion was with innovative advancements.  Among the international posters garnering attention, a notable highlight was the remarkable research presented by Assoc. Prof. Pham Thi Thu Thuy, MD. PhD – a distinguished hepatologist from MEDIC Medical Center in Vietnam. Dr. Thuy and her partners’ poster titled “Exploring Mac2-binding protein glycosylation isomer diagnostic potential for non-invasive testing of Liver Disease in Vietnamese HBV patients“. The study focuses on developing a precise, non-invasive method to assess liver disease progression, tailoring approaches to the unique characteristics of the Vietnamese population. If successful, this work promises to revolutionize diagnostics, offering a patient-friendly tool for early detection and intervention in HBV-related liver diseases.

In conclusion, AASLD 2023 was a resounding success, providing a platform for disseminating cutting-edge research, collaborative discussions, and the celebration of advancements in the field of hepatology. In keeping our mission and vision, RV Group will continue to accompany with doctors in terms of scientific studies to offer new solutions and updated treatment approaches for Hepatitis patients in Vietnam.

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