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Manufacturing Facilities

RV Group has 5 advanced pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing facilities located in India, Myanmar, Vietnam and Kazakhsthan. These facilities are approved by stringent regulatory authorities such as EU, PIC/S, Russia, WHO, Tanzania, Uzbekistan and other regulatory organisations.

To achieve our targets, we have applied and integrated international standards in our quality systems, documentation, and processes to ensure current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) compliance. At these facilities, we manufacture wide range of products on a large-scale in dosage forms such as tablets, film-coated tablets, capsules, ointments, Large Volume Parenterals, Small Volume Parenterals, Betalactam oral and Injection, Oral powder, Disinfectants etc..

With well-experienced pharmacists and professionals back by comprehensive training, we are confident that our quality is a trusted choice for consumers and contract manufacturing by multinational pharma companies worldwide.


RV Lifesciences Ltd. (RVLL)

RVLL (formerly Atra Pharmaceuticals  manufacturing unit, located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India, is accredited by EU (Infarmed Portugal), PIC/S (Malaysia), WHO GMP, Russian GMP, Uzbekistan and Tanzania. RVLL also has ISO 9001:2015, 14001-2015 and 45001-2018 accreditation giving us comprehensive assurance on our processes, sytems, logistics, Health and Safety practices as well as Environment and energy efficiency.  We are focused on providing high quality products for our multinational partners in the EU and Asian Regions.

The pharmaceutical unit can produce up to 2 billion units in general purpose oral dosage forms such as tablets, film-coated tablets and capsules .

RV Lifesciences also has a dedicated research and development (R&D) centre for a range of antiviral, anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetics, lipid lowering agents, analgesic, antipyretic drugs, etc. This world-class R&D centre is built for product development and launching products across the world and is also the hub for technology transfer to our facilities across the Globe.


RVK Myanmar

RVK Myanmar is one of the largest manufacturing facilities located in Yangon. The manufacturing facility is capable of producing high-quality and demand-driven products for international partners and global companies.

RVK Myanmar spans across 365 acres, with a built area area of 26 acres. The facility is run by almost 500 employees who are solely focused on manufacturing high-quality drugs. There are nine production lines of operation covering the entire gamut of generics manufacturing from tablets, capsules, parenteral, sterile eye ointment, oral powder, beta-lactam solids, beta-lactam injections, liquids and disinfectants.

All this is manufactured in a comprehensive GMP approved facility which is the single largest pharmaceutical formulation factory in Myanmar

In line with our commitment to employees, most of them stay in the company provided gated community with modern amenities. RVK Myanmar substantially upgraded the manufacturing facilities for good quality, safe and efficient pharmaceutical products, complying with WHO and ASEAN guidelines for current Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Sales, Marketing & Distribution of the products across Myanmar are handled by a competent team of further 200 employees.

RVK Myanmar is now the 7th largest pharmaceutical company in Myanmar within 7 years of formation which is a record in itself. Foray into Ethical, OTC products in both private and tender markets with a well trained Field force has paid rich dividends and RVK Myanmar is targeting to be amongst the Top 5 players in the next 5 years. Brands like Gloskin, FeFoZinc, B Complete, X Flora are top OTC products.

Octelle is another group company of RV focused on imported products.

With an overall portfolio of more than 100 marketed products and another 500 under registration RV Group is well positioned in Myanmar to service the population of 55 million


BRV Healthcare

The facility is located in the rural district of Cu Chi, few kilometres from Ho Chi Minh city. BRV’s manufacturing facility is accredited with WHO GMP and has the capability to produce high quality medicinal products.

BRV is also the first company to have dedicated oncology facility and number of registered products like Imatinib, Erlotinib and Gefitinib as well as being the national tender winner for oncology products. It is also the first Vietnamese company to get registration for Hep C products such as fixed dose combination of  Sofosbuvir  and Ledipasvir, Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir.

BRV is a reputed pharma company with well-established market presence having more than 247 active product licenses and brands in both OTC and ETC segments as well as having a strong herbal product portfolio. BRV has a long history with well-trained manpower. The company has good manufacturing capabilities with general solid line including tablets, capsules, syrups, sachets, effervescent tablets, creams, oncology OSD, SVP and herbal line.

Cumulatively BRV has a very healthy product grid with more than 105 product registrations and 48 unique products under development. Recently BRV has formed under licensing and tech transfer cooperation with Natco and Himalaya (Herbal). BRV has also secured under licensing agreement for insulin repackaging from a European manufacturer.


RV OPV Pharmaceutical

The success story of RV OPV Pharmaceutical began some 65 years ago in Vietnam. RV OPV brands are very well known and established in Vietnam market. They also are known to develop pharma products for third party distributors and provide manufacturing contract services to Multinational Pharma companies in the region. RV OPV factory is WHO-GMP certified and adheres to highest international quality standards.

RV OPV has the largest portfolio of registered pharmaceutical products in Vietnam, including OTC and prescription formulations across all important therapeutic classes.

In 2021 RV OPV was merged with RV group to further the growth story of the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam. And Our vision is to be the finest provider of world class quality healthcare products at affordable prices. This vision is supported by our core values that are focused, fast, flexible and forward looking.

Our vision is to strengthen biosimilars and high-end oncology product portfolio; expand and upgrade world class manufacturing units and R& D centers; to build the OTC segment in to mega brands like Ameflu, Star, Dizzo, Lomac, Flucort, NeuGlow and to maintain the leadership in the region for Hepatitis and Biosimilar product range. All these are directed toward one goal- our vision to be the finest provider of world class quality healthcare products at affordable prices.

RV OPV is also set to undergo EU inspection in 2023 to further buttress its position as premier player in the market.