Safety of patient is paramount to our values. We assure the quality of medicines we produce consistently meet or exceed international standards. Quality is also embedded at every stage of our operations, including starting materials, manufacturing, delivery and safe product disposal including the end-user customer services.


We offer more than 400 products of high quality and affordable prices manufactured by our facilities, We manufacture for our own marketing as well as Contract manufacture for multinationals worldwide. We supply to Servier, P & G, E Merck, GSK in our regions. This quality has been reflected in our branded products which are well-established as leading products in their respective treatments.

At RV Group, quality is at the heart of everything we do. We want our patients to be assured that when they choose us, safety is guaranteed. We actively ensure a commitment to quality through every stage of our operations, including active ingredients, manufacturing, storage, delivery and safe product disposal including the end-user customer services.

Over the past few years, we have been focused to enhance our Quality Management Systems to meet international standards such as EU, PIC/S, WHO GMP, Russian GMP, etc. Our quality systems strictly follow the quality protocols across all functional areas to ensure highest order of adherence to the policies laid down to get the best results always.

Many patients have only limited access to good healthcare due to inability to afford costly medicines. RV Group and its subsidiaries have been founded for that reason to address patient’s needs and price-accessibility. Till now, our pills have been accessed by millions of patients in Asia and CIS regions.